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Lakeside Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 84 reviews

Patient Review by Heather C

Pain free procedure- I never felt a thing, not even the promised "pinch" while receiving the shots! Staff could not have been more courteous or professional. Thank you!!

- Heather C

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Patient Review by Kyle V

Definitly a good place to have work done

- Kyle V

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Patient Review by Todd T

Thanks Great job ,,,

- Todd T

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Chris S

Amazing Care and amazing staff. Highly recommend

- Chris S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Susie L

I would recommend to all!

- Susie L

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Patient Review by Givanna B

Such a great experience! Saw me right away, the staff was amazing and compationate the entire time. The Dr.talked me through every step and made me feel at ease the entire procedure

- Givanna B

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Patient Review by Rhiannon W

Didnt hurt at all.

- Rhiannon W

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Patient Review by Bill H

A friendly, reassuring staff that made a procedure you never want as painless as possible

- Bill H

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Patient Review by Brenda M

I have had many root canals in the past. The injections and the procedure were pain free. Thank you

- Brenda M

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Patient Review by Dave B

Just what I want in a dentist appt...no pain

- Dave B

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Patient Review by Pamelinda O

Dr. Etemadi was amazing. Painless and comfortable care.

- Pamelinda O

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Patient Review by Cathy W

Amazing-no trouble-no worry-easiest appointment I have ever had anywhere .

- Cathy W

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Patient Review by Nancy H

As usual, everything was great. Staff and doctor! Thank you so much,

- Nancy H

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Patient Review by Debra H

Wonderful can not say enough

- Debra H

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Patient Review by Debra J

The atmosphere in the office was very warm and professional.

- Debra J

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Patient Review by Teresa N

The entire staff helped to calm my nerves. Overall great experience considering my related anxiety surrounding this. I would highly recommend all of you! Thank you so much!

- Teresa N

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Patient Review by Merrie R

Friendliness and atmosphere put me at ease.

- Merrie R

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Patient Review by Annette s

Wonderful treatment, I highly recommend this office to others.

- Annette s

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Patient Review by Teresa N

This office is always so polite, friendly, courteous Thank you!

- Teresa N

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Patient Review by Robbin P

Overall happy with procedure and result.

- Robbin P

5 out of 5 stars on

Dr. Etemadi,

I want to thank you for my experience at your practice. I came in for a root canal and was pleasantly surprised on how I was treated by you and your staff. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive as I have never been to your offices before.

You and your staff are the most courteous and professional of any medical practitioners I have ever encountered. I was in the medical corps for 24 years in the US Army before coming to the sheriff’s office ten years ago. I worked with many solid professionals in my time as an LPN and clinician in the transplant, dialysis and immunology fields, as well as an instructor.

Dr. Etemadi, you and your staff put them all to shame. You should be proud of what you all do there. I will not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone I encounter who needs this type of work.

Thank you again for your outstanding service to me.


Dr. Etemadi & Staff,

Thank you for your treatment of a root canal (how many now?!) in August. Your staff is always accommodating and welcoming. Your caring and professional attitude calmed me and made me feel less anxious. You have a wonderful practice. Thank you again!


Dear Dr. Shahin,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the excellent care. Your office and team are warm, compassionate, and human. I’m grateful.


Dr. Etemadi & Staff,

Thank you for taking such great care of me for my recent RCT on #31. I appreciate all the time and care, and great customer service provided throughout my treatment. I will definitely refer my family and friends in need of excellent care.


Dr. Etemadi & Staff,

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave me recently. Dr. Etemadi, I really appreciate your kindness & respect concerning my dental phobias. You have a most professional staff. I would recommend your services highly.


Dr. Etemadi,

I wanted to thank you for the stellar service and professionalism that I received while at your office. I have told countless people about what a great experience I had! Who knew a root canal could be a better experience than getting a tooth filled!!

Thanks again!!

Dr. Etemadi,

I wanted to extend thank to you and your staff for treating me so kindly, when you worked on my tooth. I truly appreciated the follow-up call as well.


Dear Dr. Etemadi,

I wanted to send you this note as a letter of testament to the care and respect I was given when I first came into your office, and through the entire procedure I experienced.

Throughout my life, I had never has a pleasant experience with my dental appointments, whether it was for a routine check-up, or for any work that I needed on my teeth. My experiences were so negative, that it had been 7 years since I set foot in any dental office. I can honestly say that I can reasonably cope with most high anxiety situations, but I truly struggled with going to the dentist, I hated it.

Obvious neglect due to fear, along with teeth that badly needed fixing, is what brought me to your office. Dr. Bill Mulliken referred me after a much needed check-up. He (by the way is fantastic as well) assured me that you held the same level of respect and care that he demanded be exhibited at his office …that is how I ended up at your clinic.

Anyhow, after a 2.5 hour visit, 2 root canals later, I can say that I have never had dental work done that was so easy, and completely pain free…even after I woke up from my sedation surgery, I had no pain, no swelling, no nothing! Again, this is a first for me since I have in the past experienced just the opposite, that being lots of pain, anxiety, fear, and days, or weeks of physical and emotional recovery time. For me sedation surgery was the best, and amazing…it seemed like the whole process only took a few minutes!

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the level of respect that I felt, and for you and them being so kind and gentle. Each staff member listened, and demonstrated genuine concern for my emotional and physical well being.

Thanks for being a great physician, for having a wonderful staff, and for making my experience pain and fear free! You will certainly be my recommendation to all my friends and family.


Dr. Etemadi & Staff,

Thank you all for making my root canal appt. so enjoyable! You are so kind & professional. Prior to my retirement I worked as an orthodontic asst. for 23+ years. I loved my job. The Dr. I worked for always put patients comfort 1st and treated staff with such respect. I so appreciate the kindness & respect you give your employees Dr. Etemadi. This is so important! From what I’ve encountered, you all work together as a team & you enjoy your work. That is so refreshing, it just confirms my faith & confidence in you. Thanks once again you’re the best!!!


Dr. Etemadi:

Please share this with your staff and your future patients who might be feeling nervous, so that they will know what wonderful care they will receive as a patient in your office.

You are truly outstanding in your field of practice and your staff also reflects this high standard. The quality of care you provide is well thought out, complete, and something for all professionals in the dental field to strive toward.

Injections were absolutely painless. Somehow, you anticipated and accommodated my every need, keeping me informed and reassured the entire time. The work was impeccable, and recovery has been excellent given the complexity of the procedure. The entire experience was more like being in a fancy spa than in a dentist’s office.

I informed my general dentist today that he should keep referring patients to you when needed knowing that they will receive the best possible care available. Should the need arise for me to have future endodontic work, rest assured I will be asking for you and your staff to be the folks who take care of it.

Thank you,

Dr. Etemadi and Jamie,

Thanks so much for always taking care of me. I really appreciate your help.


Dear Dr. Shahin & Staff,

Thank you very much for the care you all gave me.  I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity! I have already told many people how nice you all are.

Thank you,

Dr. Etemadi,

I wanted to say thank you for fixing my molar. Your office staff was very kind & friendly. You’re very good at what you do. You made me very comfortable. See you after my honeymoon.


Dr. Etemadi,

Thank you so much for your care and concern for me while I was sitting helpless in that famous chair of yours. You were very good and made all unpleasant situation very nice, comfortable and not a lot of pain. Congratulations and thank you. You are superb. Your staff also, very pleasant very nice and caring.

Thank you again for everything,

Dear Dr. Etemadi and Staff,

Thank you so much for your kindness and care in treating me for this root canal. You have been so helpful and supportive through all my pain and fears. I do appreciate everything you have done for me. You are a great office!


Dr. Etemadi,

Thank you and your awesome staff for doing such a great job on my tooth. I used to be very anxious at the dentist, during my visit I felt totally calm, no pain, and relaxed. I will recommend Lakeside to anyone I know needing dental work. A+

Thanks a lot,

Dear Dr. Etemadi & Staff,

Thank you all for being so kind & understanding with me. Being so upset & nervous around strangers is a bit embarrassing but everyone in your office made me feel very comfortable & I really appreciated it.

Thank you,

Dear Dr. Etemadi & staff,

You have performed two root canals on my and I’d like to thank both you and your staff on making my visits as pleasant as possible. You explained what was happening in the process to me which helped alleviate my fear, and I had absolutely no pain either during or after each visit. Throughout both visits, you and your staff dealt in a kind and considerate manner. If one needs to have a root canal, Lakeside Endodontics is the place to be.


Dear Dr. Etemadi,

I can never thank you and your staff enough for how gentle you were with me. I was in such pain for so long before I came to see you. You were a life saver and a blessing.

Dr. Etemadi I hope I can send enough praises to you to thank you for your wonderful kindness and expert care. I thank you so much.

God bless,